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Carolina parakeets, illustrated by John James Audubon in 1833.  Via Wikipedia.

HISTORY: Carolina parakeet

S.C. Encyclopedia | Now extinct, the Carolina parakeet (Conuropsis carolinensis) was a dove-sized (about thirty-five centimeters long) bird with a bright green body, yellow head, and orange face. Mark Catesby, an English naturalist living in Charleston, painted the parakeet in 1731, thus providing the first scientific description of the species. The species was abundant in early America, and its range extended to New York, Colorado, and Florida. The Carolina parakeet was well known for its ability to withstand harsh winters, due to the winter availability of its main foods: cockleburs, thistle seeds, and sandspurs.

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GOOD NEWS:   Campaign underway for nesting birds

GOOD NEWS: Campaign underway for nesting birds

Staff reports | Audubon South Carolina and the Charleston Animal Society have launched the “Let ‘em Rest, Let ‘em Nest” campaign to educate state residents and visitors about the fragility and wonder of coastal birds. The campaign is designed to teach the importance of reducing human disturbance to coastal nesting spots.

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