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"Miriam," by photographer Trey Hopkins.  More:  Used with permission.

MORE PIX of the Great Charleston Snow of 2018

Staff reports  |  With so many people enthusiastically responding with more great photos of the Great Charleston Snow of 2018 [Note to self: Write “snow,” not “snot”] and its slow-melting aftermath, we thought we’d provide you with some more looks about what’s happened in the area.

Below are 30 more photos — this time from two dozen shutterbugs — organized in three basic categories:  People, places and things.  Enjoy seeiing cats, dogs, snowmen, Star Wars snobots, flowers, fruits and even a kid jumping for joy.

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PHOTOS: The Great Charleston Snow of 2018

PHOTOS: The Great Charleston Snow of 2018

We’ve collected several photos from around Charleston County of their photographic impressions of the Great Charleston Snow of 2018.  Thanks to all who contributed. (More photos being added now)

Click the link above to findphotos from North Charleston, Hanahan, Sullivan’s Island, Folly Beach, downtown Charleston, West Ashley and James Island.  If you wan to send your photos, send to:

Scarves on sale at a Market in Mostar with the town pictured in the background. (Michael Kaynard)

PHOTO ESSAY: Bullish on the Balkans

Photographers Michael Kaynard and Cynthia Bledsoe of Charleston recently enjoyed a cruise with stops along the Balkan peninsula in southeastern Europe.

Kaynard, our contributing photographer, emphasized how warm the people were and how many of them spoke English and several other languages – vital in an economy that gets tourists from around the world.)

Click to enjoy these photos.

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A ship is rounding Drum Island Reach.  Photo taken by Crayton Walters, 2006.

PHOTO ESSAY: Views from the water

Our friends at the Charleston Branch Pilots Association have a perspective on Charleston that’s different from most folks’.  They see the Holy City from the water as much as they do from the land.   Here are some photos taken through the years that highlight the area’s continuing and important connection to the maritime economy.  Enjoy.

View from atop the lighthouse -- a great reward for those who climb a wooden, 77-step circular staircase.

COMMENTARY, Brack: Visit to Sapelo Island is familiar, special

By Andy Brack, editor and publisher  |  A weekend visit to Sapelo Island, one of Georgia’s sea islands proved it to be special, a place only accessible by ferry or boat.  But Sapelo is also familiar – a coastal haven that feels much like Bull’s Island in the Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge near Awendaw.

Like Bull’s Island, Sapelo island is protected from development.  Almost all of the 16,500-acre island, other than a 440-acre Geechee community called Hogg Hammock, is owned by the state of Georgia.  Much of it is used by University of Georgia researchers to study the coastal ecosystem of the barrier island.

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The Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles is shiny, curvy and a sight to behold.

PHOTO ESSAY:  Downtown Los Angeles

A recent trip to downtown Los Angeles found a thriving, multi-cultural city filled with a lot of things to see and do, from great museums to a lively Grand Central Market.  

Click to find photos of the Walt Disney Concert Hall, some great art from the contemporary Broad Museum and scenes from the market, where you could get anything from Mexican and Salvadoran cuisine to falafal, ice cream and fresh raw oysters from all over. There was even a shop that made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

We thought you’d enjoy this photographic drive-by from editor and publisher Andy Brack.

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PHOTO ESSAY, Kaynard:  Charleston’s French Quarter

PHOTO ESSAY, Kaynard:  Charleston’s French Quarter

Contributing photographer Michael Kaynard went on a walkabout last week in the French Quarter section of Charleston, an area that is a magnet to his camera:

“Having worked in and around the French Quarter since 1973, it is like a second home,” he writes.  “I love the colors, textures, history and personality.  Some of earliest and favorite photos were shot in the Quarter.”

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A covered bridge along the New Hampshire and Vermont border at Lunenburg, Vermon.  It is 266 feet long.  Built in 1911.

PHOTO FOCUS:  New Hampshire’s covered bridges

By Andy Brack, editor and publisher  |  One of the joys of traveling across rural New Hampshire is finding loads of covered bridges.  In the northern part of the state just an hour or two from Canada are no less than 28 covered bridges, some dating more than 188 years old to another built just 13 years ago.

Following photos of bridges are some scenic delights from around the Granite State for you to enjoy including a picturesque farm, a 218-year-old meeting house, views from a tall mountain, a typical village green, a ramshackled barn, a nod to politics and lobsters.

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Children along the River Avon, Stratford-upon-Avon, England.

PHOTO FOCUS:  Views of jolly old England

Photos by Elizabeth Halberstadt, special to Charleston Currents  |  West Ashley resident Elizabeth Halberstadt spent the last month on an academic trip in England and Scotland.  A couple of them have book themes, which makes sense because she’s studying for a master’s of library science degree.

We thought you’d enjoy these picture postcards of life across the pond that give insights into life in a related, but different part of the world.

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Water balloon hits target!

PHOTO ESSAY: End of the school year

Across the Lowcountry, the end of the school year last week brought laughter, tears, smiles and field days galore. If you weren’t lucky enough to enjoy what kids did throughout the area, perhaps these photos from Charles Towne Montessori by Susan Burkhardt and Jody Huddleston will bring a little smile to you as you remember school days gone by.

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