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GOOD NEWS: Series to look at healing from cultural trauma

GOOD NEWS: Series to look at healing from cultural trauma

Staff reports  |  The College of Charleston is offering a semester-long series to give voice to sociological trauma and the ways in which societies, countries and cultures have worked to heal from conflicts born out of issues such as systemic racism, slavery, genocide and political oppression.

According to a news release, the loosely unified series, titled “When the War Is Over: Memory, Division, and Healing,” brings together a collection of public lectures and forums that address historical trauma and the ways in which sites that have experienced such trauma have moved, or might move toward building a sustainable, peaceful community. From slavery and segregation in the United States to the Holocaust and the impact of the native Brazilian peoples upon the arrival of the Portuguese in the 17th century, the series explores the complexities of how groups move on from a collective feeling of trauma.

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GOOD NEWS: Here’s how you can learn about joining a school board

GOOD NEWS: Here’s how you can learn about joining a school board

Staff reports  |  You can learn about what it takes to become a school board candidate or advocate at a special two-hour nonpartisan workshop that will be offered 10 a.m. Feb. 24 by the League of Women Voters.

“The League of Women Voters is deeply concerned about public education and all of our children who are served by public schools in Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester counties,” According to a press release.  “Whatever other educational opportunities there may be, the vast majority of our children depend on public schools.  Their education is critical to our democracy and our country’s future. Our public schools need dedicated advocates and school board candidates.”

In the tri-county area, more than 113,000 students count on public schools, the league said.  “These students are our next generation of teachers, doctors and first responders.  They are our future and they require the best we can offer. School board members are critical decision makers in ensuring that all our children can access an excellent education. In 2018, approximately half of the seats on school boards for the four Tri-County districts will be on the ballot.”

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Charleston City council member Mike Seekings speaks at the shelter unveiling.  Photo provided.

GOOD NEWS:  New bus shelter unveiled at airport

Staff reports  |  Charleston International Airport has installed a state-of-the-art bus shelter to accommodate an increasing number of passengers and airport workers riding Charleston Area Regional Transportation Authority (CARTA) vehicles to and from the airport.

“With passenger numbers booming at Charleston International Airport, we couldn’t be happier that the Aviation Authority has stepped up to partner in such a big way,” said CARTA board chairman Mike Seekings, who also is a Charleston city council member. “As more visitors than ever come to the Charleston area, we have to mitigate traffic impacts throughout the region, and a $3.50 direct connection from the airport to downtown is one way to do just that.”

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BRACK:  On Sanford, unemployment, airport parking, bike lane and Trump

BRACK: On Sanford, unemployment, airport parking, bike lane and Trump

By Andy Brack, editor and publisher | A bunch of headlines — some good, some not — scream out for some kind of commentary, so let’s dive right in.

Our congressman, Republican U.S. Rep. Mark Sanford, offered a self-serving opinion piece/lecture of Aug. 15 in The New York Times that urged his party’s presidential standard bearer, Donald Trump, to release his federal income tax returns.

He’s right, particularly to suggest that Trump’s “obstinacy” in releasing returns would have dramatic impacts in down-ballot elections and in future elections because others wouldn’t feel they had to be as transparent as candidates in the past.

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