FEEDBACK:  Enjoyed column on Septima Clark

To the editor:

Clark in 1960.

I truly loved the column you wrote on Septima [Clark] on Friday.  I read it over several times. You really caught the essence of her spirit and I was deeply moved.

It stimulated my recollection of the Good Friday in 1974 when I took her to speak to about 150-200 inmates at California State Prison in Vacaville, Calif. —a maximum security prison.  It was an amazing event—amazing—and I have started writing that account, since I was with her the entire time, but they would not let me tape her presentation or the response of the prisoners.  I want to get that essay written soon. …

Keep on keeping on.

— J. Herman Blake, John’s Island, S.C.  [Editor’s note:  Dr. Blake, founding provost of Oakes College at the University of California Santa Cruz, recently retired from serving as executive director of the Gullah Geechee Corridor Heritage Commission.

Thanks for the beautiful history lesson

To the editor:

Thank you for this beautiful history lesson.  As a native of Charleston, I knew Mrs. Clark’s name and a little about her work in voting rights.

But your article filled in my understanding of the importance of her work and how widespread was her influence.

Every time I read her name on a sign marking the Crosstown highway, I will think of her with a new appreciation.

— Patterson Smith, James island

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