MYSTERY: White and black

This white and black structure is somewhere in South Carolina.  By the hints in the picture, Sandlappers ought to be able to figure it out.  Send your best guess to: — and make sure to include the name of the town in which you live.

Last week’s photo was all the way from Giverny, France.  It was of artist Claude Monet’s garden with his green-shuttered home in the background.  Hats off to Hat Lady Archie Burkel of James Island and George Graf of Palmyra, Va., for guessing correctly.  Notes George:

“Claude Monet was the son of a grocer whose family was not happy when he wanted to follow his dream as a painter.  Imagine today talking to your Publix checkout person who declared they wanted to be a painter as their career ambition.  Probably lots of eyerolls and good lucks in response.  Monet was the leader and ground breaker of the impressionism art movement.  He was strongly influenced by Japanese prints he collected and during his 40 years at Giverny, he attempted to transform his farm into a Japanese garden.  Unfortunately, like the rest of us senior citizens, his eyesight dwindled with cataracts and Monet’s painting grew larger and with less detail.  My wife and I are big fans of his beautiful works.”

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  1. Lovely photo of Giverny!Aileen Bordman – Monet’s Palate