PHOTO ESSAY: Views from Newfoundland


By Andy Brack, editor and publisher  |  Our family took a cool vacation — literally — last week to Newfoundland, where temperatures were downright chilly at times.  During the early part of the week, weather was drizzly and cool, with day and night temperatures bouncing between 46 degrees and 55 degrees.  As the week wore on, it got sunnier and bright with daytime temps reaching a comfortable 72 degrees.

We thought you’d enjoy these photos of the St. John’s area, which is marked by kind people, great food, good hikes and houses with more colors than on Rainbow Row.  The city is slightly smaller than Charleston — 106,000 people — but has a long maritime history like that in the Holy City.


The city has a weekly farmers market that draws growers and craft people every Saturday. Sound familiar?


A similar view.


Big icebreakers that supply oil rigs dock along the narrow harbor in downtown St. John’s, the oldest city in North America.


A closer view of the stacks of colorful houses that line the side of the hilly downtown area that may remind you of San Francisco.


A cruise ship slips by cliff-hugging houses along The Narrows, the harbor leading to the sea.


A gull flies near a lighthouse that marks the beginning of the harbor in St. John’s.


These tourists spotted humpback whales off this point near Cape Spear, the easternmost location on the North American continent.


During a whale-watching voyage, you keenly get a sense of the magnitude of the geologic forces that shaped Newfoundland’s rugged coast.


Islands just off the coast near Bay Bulls are home to millions of puffins.


These wildflowers are as common as our dandelions.


At the top of Signal Hill above the city, youths offer a military tattoo of early 19th century soldiers, followed by a similar display of World War I marchers.



  1. Carol Tempel says:

    Beautiful; thank you for sharing

  2. Thanks, Andy. Enjoyed your photos and the weather report. We’ll experience something similar, I think, when we arrive in Rekyjavik tomorrow!

  3. George Graf says:

    Fabulous photos. Enjoyed the colorful houses photo and your comment about the geological forces. Hopefully you had a grand time with your father whom I admire. Have a good trip home so I can tackle your Mystery Photo contest once again.

  4. David Brown says:

    Great photos. Thank you for sharing.