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FEEDBACK: Good ole boys shot themselves in the foot

P.C. Coker, Charleston, S.C. | “Pug Ravenel was probably the only Charlestonian in the 20th Century that could have made it to the White House. With his charisma, Harvard education, Wall Street connections, and Southern roots; he should have been the one to win the Presidency in 1992.”

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FEEDBACK: Not very good neighbors or agency

FEEDBACK: Not very good neighbors or agency

P.C. Coker, Charleston: It is things like this [Photo: Good neighbors?] that have completely eroded the quality of life in downtown Charleston and particularly south of Broad and east of Lenwood and the French Quarter. Elected officials don’t care either, yet we elected a new mayor last year to supposedly bring some of this under control. Instead we see city council overriding him at every turn because only one of them lives downtown so the others are only looking at how much money comes in.

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