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GOOD NEWS:  Wonder where the nation’s prettiest campus is?

GOOD NEWS:  Wonder where the nation’s prettiest campus is?

Staff reports  |  An online poll by one of the nation’s premier travel magazines finds the College of Charleston to be the nation’s prettiest college campus according to readers who took the poll. Also in Good News: Seismic testing; Trident Tech’s free application day; Food help for vets; and John’s Island book sale.

This gunk-covered bleach bottle washed ashore after the Deepwater Horizon tragedy.  Photo by Andy Brack.

BRACK: Keep your mitts off of our coast

By Andy Brack | State Republicans, often obsessed with spanking Democrats for backing a “nanny state” to take care of the less fortunate, are blind to their own frightening vision, an Anita Bryant free-market dream where just about everything goes, except what you do in the bedroom.

This worldview would find guns everywhere. Developers and big companies would overrule the public’s interest in preserving South Carolina’s special places. Public money would pay for private schools. People would be at their own peril in finding good health care, sending tens of thousands routinely to emergency rooms for primary care. And oil wells — well, they would be just off the horizon of our coast, free to spew gunk whenever humans make errors.

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