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BRACK:  #FakeNews is a fake phenomenon

BRACK:  #FakeNews is a fake phenomenon

By Andy Brack, editor and publisher  |   There is no such thing as #FakeNews.

There is, however, a cynical, national political strategy called #FakeNews.  It is a continuing attempt by President Trump and his cronies to promote public disbelief in information that these politicos don’t like or that makes them look bad.

The whole “#FakeNews” phenomenon is nothing more than a public relations ultra-spin to kill the messenger AND the message.

Before you shout #FakeNews or #RealNews, please realize neither exists.  Either something is news or it is not.  That which is not news either doesn’t measure up as something that’s new, factual and interesting.  Or it is something titillating that is simply made up, a fiction.

The job of a reporter is to provide new information based on facts (hence, “news”) with which you might not be familiar so you can keep informed.  Facts are bits of verifiable information.  For example, Clemson will play in the Sugar Bowl on Jan. 1.  That’s a verifiable fact.  But it’s also a fact that a Clemson coach hopes the team will win.  Sure, that’s an opinion of the coach, but it’s a fact that it is his opinion. 

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FANNING: How to feel better by watching less news

FANNING: How to feel better by watching less news

By Ben Fanning, contributing editor | I noticed a few weeks ago that I was feeling anxious and paranoid. What had changed? I ran through my mental list of family, friends, health and career…all OK.

Then I looked down at my phone and noticed something different. On my home screen, there was a list of news headlines from an Apple News app that had automatically downloaded. Aha! You see I hadn’t realized that every time I picked up my phone I was seeing the top news headlines…most of which were loaded with bad news. This subtle change had slowly increased my anxiety and fear.

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