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Happy Fourth of July!

GOOD NEWS:  Be careful with pets, fireworks on the Fourth

Staff reports  |  The Fourth of July can be a lot of fun for people, but scary for pets.  With that in mind, the Charleston Animal Society reminds us that the holiday is the most dangerous day of the year for pets because fireworks often scare them, causing them to run away and get lost.

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Photo provided by Lou Cattano.

FOCUS: No Kill S.C. is changing the face of animal welfare

By Joe Elmore, special to Statehouse Report | Despite Charleston County becoming the Southeast’s first No Kill Community in 2013, tens of thousands of animals in other areas of South Carolina are dying needlessly due to a lack of best practices and resources.

To combat these alarming statistics, Charleston Animal Society, South Carolina’s first animal protection organization and one of the oldest (143 years) in the nation, launched No Kill South Carolina (NKSC) in 2015. Funded by a generous grant from Petco Foundation, No Kill South Carolina hit the ground a year later and is arguably the boldest grassroots animal care initiative ever undertaken in the U.S.

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GOOD NEWS:  4 meetings on tap for input on regional walk/bike plan

GOOD NEWS: 4 meetings on tap for input on regional walk/bike plan

Staff reports | The Berkeley-Charleston-Dorchester Council of Governments is hosting four public meetings to gather input for Walk + Bike BCD, the regional pedestrian and bicycle master plan. Three meetings are this week with a new one just added for North Charleston on Dec. 13.

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Red Cross volunteer Von Reagan of Charleston is comforting a four-legged residents at a pet-friendly shelter in North Charleston.   Photo by Bob Wallace/American Red Cross.

BRACK: Thanks to everyone for helping during Matthew

By Andy Brack, editor and publisher | Every one will have a different way of remembering Hurricane Matthew, which got everybody’s attention after it killed hundreds in Haiti on its way north to make a tempestuous landfall in South Carolina.

From now until eternity, I’m sure that every time I encounter a chocolate-covered almond, I’ll remember eating them while waiting out the storm in Georgia at my parent’s home with my daughters in the Atlanta area. My dad had a Costco-sized container full of them that we all ate until they were gone, And then another container miraculously appeared.

One daughter says she’ll likely remember visiting her grandparents whenever asked about Hurricane Matthew. Another daughter predicts she’ll recall worrying about the fate of our home in Charleston as the storm blew through.

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FEEDBACK:  Elmore is a hero among us

FEEDBACK: Elmore is a hero among us

Kay Chandler, Mount Pleasant on a hero: “His name is Joe Elmore of the Charleston Animal Society. His article on the carriage trade industry told in depth of the serious and sad conditions the animals face daily. I was born in Charleston and grew up downtown where we would see a real carriage with a few tourists or a bride and groom riding around the Battery.”

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FOCUS: The dilemma over carriage horses and the need for reform

FOCUS: The dilemma over carriage horses and the need for reform

By Joe Elmore, Charleston Animal Society | For over 142 years, Charleston Animal Society’s mission of preventing cruelty to animals has not changed. The organization was established by leading Charlestonians to be the protective voice for equines and other animals.

Today in downtown Charleston where the Animal Society was established as the first animal organization in South Carolina and one of the oldest in the nation, equines do not fare better due to an outdated and ineffective system of regulations governing what is commonly known as the carriage horse industry.

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FOCUS:  Heat is summer’s number one danger for pets

FOCUS: Heat is summer’s number one danger for pets

By Dan Krosse, guest contributor | As the temperatures heat up, so do the risks of injuries for your pets. Dr. Lucy Fuller, DVM, of Charleston Animal Society says that the risk of heat stroke is the number one issue that pet owners need to be aware of.

“It takes less than five minutes for a car to get well over 100 degrees,” she warns. “There is no safe amount of time for a pet to be left in the car.”

Remember that dogs can’t sweat and the only way they can release heat is by panting. Health experts warn that just being outside can cause danger in the summer months.

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