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FEEDBACK: Hollings helped stir nation to confront hunger

FEEDBACK: Hollings helped stir nation to confront hunger

Herbert J. Hartsook: ‘Thank you for drawing attention to the continuing problem of hunger.  Years ago, state senator Isadore Lourie said that Senator Hollings “put a spotlight on that issue probably as the only man in the state at that time that could have done it. …  He had the prestige and the stature and a tremendous political following in the state.  I think through that mechanism and through the force of his dynamic personality, he was able to get the conscience of South Carolinians stirred up and concerned.””

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BRACK:  South Carolina is still hungry

BRACK:  South Carolina is still hungry

By Andy Brack, editor and publisher  |   Summer’s bounty of everything from juicy red tomatoes to eggplants, squashes and corn fill farm stands and grocery stores across the state.  At this time of year, you’ve never seen so much good fresh food.

But its availability belies a cold, hard fact:  South Carolina is hungry despite decades of food assistance programs.  But without them, things would be way, way worse.

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Otter Island in the ACE Basin, via Wikipedia.


S.C. Encyclopedia | The ACE Basin consists of around 350,000 acres in the watershed of the Ashepoo, Combahee, and Edisto Rivers in the South Carolina Lowcountry, which drains one-fifth of the state. The ACE Basin encompasses a range of ecosystem types from forested uplands to tidal marsh (salt, brackish, and fresh water). The basin is home for more than 260 permanent and seasonal bird species and seventeen rare or endangered species, including the wood stork and the loggerhead turtle.

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FEEDBACK: Readers enjoy Hollings’ wit, colorful language

J.J. Anderson, Charleston: “I really enjoyed this article. The phrase, “You don’t know from sic’ em,” I suspect to be a shortened version of the phrase, “You don’t know sic’ em from come here,” referencing the command to a dog to get after someone or something. A command used to release a dog to attack and the “come here” portion is hopefully self-explanatory. ” Letters also from three other readers.

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Hollings speaks to media in this 2008 photo.

GOOD NEWS: Statue to be erected of Hollings

Staff reports | Our sister publication, Statehouse Report, exclusively reported Friday that supporters and friends of retired U.S. Sen. Fritz Hollings are planning to unveil a full-sized bronze statue in his honor in the spring. Also in this issue: Charleston County Public Library hires Nicolle Davies to be its new director; Stats on the number of people who arrive daily in the area; Daniel Island’s new performing arts center; and a Greenway pledge.

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HISTORY: South Carolina’s technical education system

HISTORY: South Carolina’s technical education system

S.C. Encyclopedia | Technical education in South Carolina has a lengthy history, dating back to John de la Howe’s 1797 bequest of land to a school that would provide practical instruction for the needy children of Abbeville District. Systematic technical education, however, would have to wait until the post–World War II era, when political leaders realized that South Carolina’s ability to attract new industry hinged on the availability of an educated workforce.

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VOTE:  Head to polls Tuesday | #JohnNotLeon

VOTE: Head to polls Tuesday | #JohnNotLeon

Porter Gaud graduate Chris Cooper’s Washington company Convergence Targeted Communications designed this clever oversized postcard that landed in Charleston mailboxes in the waning days of the testy runoff mayoral campaign between John Tecklenburg and Leon Stavrinakis. It’s one of the cleverest political mailers we’ve seen in years because of how it mixes humor and history to remind voters to get to the polls Tuesday to vote for Tecklenburg, the candidate we endorsed.

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10/5, full issue:  Rain photo contest winners, Hollings and leadership

10/5, full issue: Rain photo contest winners, Hollings and leadership

Inside the Oct. 5, 2015, issue:
PHOTO: Drenched Battery
FOCUS: The Great Flood of 2015
BRACK: In renaming library, Hollings still teaching us
IN THE SPOTLIGHT: LaFond Law Group, P.A.
PALMETTO POEM, Kendra Hamilton: Rice
GOOD NEWS: Caregiver award, CARTA WiFi, bluegrass fest
FEEDBACK: WalletHub says study not flawed
CALENDAR, Oct. 5+: Big Book sale, Star Wars fun, more
REVIEW: Blackout: Remembering the Things I Drank to Forget
MYSTERY: Where’s this building?
S.C. ENCYCLOPEDIA: Highway 301

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