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September flooding in Sea Pines on Hilton Head Island.  (Photo by SCDOT)

COMMON GOOD: Flood risk assessment to force major change in local, state borrowing

By Fred Palm, special to Charleston Currents   |  A major transition just began in public finance now that two bond rating agencies, Moody’s and Standard and Poor’s, the say they will add the risk of flooding to  flood risk to financial risk when they evaluate the total risk.  The addition is expected to have a major impact on associated bond interest rates that state and local governments will pay to borrow up front for their major building programs.

Why the change? The rating agencies are concerned lenders can lose all their investments should flooding impacts become extreme. To date, only financial risk was measured. This new metric can be expected to impact the state and local public finance decisions of lenders and borrowers.

When capital investment decision-makers start assessing longer-term risk, the risk inherent in the overall flood adaption plans themselves becomes a consideration of how effective a flood plan will be in addressing the potential flooding conditions —  not just the risk of failing to make the coupon payment associated with a project or general obligation bond.

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FOCUS, Palm:  Where to start to fix flooding in Charleston County

FOCUS, Palm:  Where to start to fix flooding in Charleston County

By Fred Palm, special to Charleston Currents  |  The driver of future flooding or its prevention lies in Charleston County’s comprehensive land use and the county’s zoning code that is now undergoing review.

Charleston County’s Comprehensive Plan does NOT have water height, e.g., FLOODING, in the plan. Imagine doing a county plan without having looked at an inundation map, let alone defining a land use plan that will accommodate future floods. To continue to muddle through is other than the top-tier governance that we need now.

The next meeting of the countywide planning commission is October 9, 2017, 2 p.m.  There, Charleston County can take immediate action in addressing flooding by crafting the comprehensive plan land use and zoning code to address the water issues.

A wave laps at a porch on Murray Boulevard opposite of the Battery along the Ashley River.

Post or share an Irma photo

With lots of flooding across Charleston County, we’d like to share your favorite or best photo of what’s happening in your neighborhood during the rainy and windy conditions from what is now known as Tropical Storm Irma.  

Either send your photos to: or post to our Facebook page here.  Please let us know a little bit about the picture (when and where it was taken) as well as your name and hometown. 

As we collect pictures, we’ll share them on this page and on social media.

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