FANNING: A 3-step process to help you reduce stress

By Ben Fanning, contributing editor | Can you imagine spending $70+ for a massage and then walking out more stressed that when you arrived?

My client was getting regular massages but couldn’t completely turn her mind off and relax. She would vent to her masseuse about being overwhelmed at work! So she started this simple process I’ll share with you today, and finally zoned out for the first time during her massage. Ahhh!

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CAREERS: A 3-step process to get your “gotta do” work done

By Ben Fanning, contributing editor | Ever struggle to get your most important work done? Maybe even find it rolling from one to-do list to the next without ever making much progress?

When I tackled the “gotta do” work of writing my #1 bestselling book, The Quit Alternative, there were lots of days I didn’t want to write. This important work could have dragged on for years because there was always plenty of other work to distract me.

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