Photo by Michael Kaynard, Kaynard Photography.

Photo: Smiling flowers

With as dismal as it has been lately, these bright pansies seem to be smiling. This week’s weather looks pretty sunny, but it may turn soggy again toward the end of the week. How many months until spring? Photo by Michael Kaynard,

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Mystery:  Trying again

Mystery: Trying again

For some odd reason last week, we lost all emails sent to us between Monday afternoon and Thursday. And that means that readers who tried to identify the location of the gull in the photo above probably never heard from us on your guess.

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Photo: New USS Charleston

Photo: New USS Charleston

U.S. Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus signs a framed poster that shows the new USS Charleston, which he named during a Friday ceremony at the Charleston Maritime Center.

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Mystery bigfoot

Photo: Stunning discovery

Contributing photographer Michael Kaynard on Sunday finally did what many before him could not. He found Bigfoot. As part of our continuing series of Lowcountry mystery photos, tell us where this is.

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