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FOCUS: County to open Charleston skate park

Staff reports | SK8 Charleston, a concrete skate park to be operated by Charleston County Park and Recreation Commission, will have grand opening events March 4 and 11 at its peninsular Charleston location, 1549 Oceanic Street, which overlooks the Ashley River.

“The Charleston County Park and Recreation Commission has always looked to provide world-class facilities for the public we serve,” said CCPRC Executive Director Tom O’Rourke. “SK8 Charleston is the next in a long line of great facilities.”

“The Charleston County area has been waiting a long time for the opportunity to enjoy a facility like this. We are all as excited about the opening of this park as any facility we have opened.”

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FOCUS:  Palmetto Scholars Academy students to talk to space station

FOCUS: Palmetto Scholars Academy students to talk to space station

Staff reports | Students from Palmetto Scholars Academy in North Charleston are among those from eight schools in the country who will have a chance to talk this week via amateur radio with an astronaut orbiting the earth.

The International Space Station will pass over the school about 1 p.m. Feb. 10 and provide students with the opportunity to speak with astronauts for nine minutes. The school’s student body will assemble that afternoon in its gym to listen as astronauts answer student-generated questions via the school’s ham, or amateur, radio network K4PSA.

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FOCUS: Lowcountry AIDS Services targets high-risk, rural areas

FOCUS: Lowcountry AIDS Services targets high-risk, rural areas

By Bradley Childs, special to Charleston Currents | We know one of the best ways to combat HIV in our community is go directly to the people most in need of our services. So, over the next 12 months, we will be expanding our HIV testing and prevention efforts into rural areas of Berkeley and Dorchester counties as well as into high-risk areas of Charleston.

To help fund the program, we received a $35,400 grant from the Roper Saint Francis Physicians Endowment, which, in a partnership with the Medical Society of South Carolina and Coastal Community Foundation, provides annual grants to nonprofit organizations for the express purpose of improving health, wellness and access for tri-county area residents.

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PHOTO FOCUS: Thousands gather at Charleston Sister March

PHOTO FOCUS: Thousands gather at Charleston Sister March

Staff reports (with 12 photos) | Up to 3,000 participants braved chilly, rainy Saturday weather to march from city parking garages to Brittlebank Park in Charleston to show local support for a national march for women’s rights in Washington. An estimated 500,000 marched in D.C. More than a million marched is events around the world, according to media reports.

For longtime Charleston leader Linda Ketner, the local march was a phenomenal start to future organizing to get more women in public office, including those who think, “not me.”

“The people who say ‘not me’ are generally those who will be motivated not by self-aggrandizement but by justice and public service,” Ketner told Charleston Currents. “Women need to be where the decisions are being made — now largely without our voices.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivering a speech.

FOCUS: Poetry, politics, Dr. King and our beloved community

By Marjory Wentworth, poet laureate of South Carolina | I am guessing there won’t be a poem at this week’s presidential inauguration. Too bad, because now is the time to think like a poet.

Through empathy, precise language and imagery, poets connect us to the things of this world and to one another. No one understood this better than the late Winston Churchill, who hand-wrote his speeches in iambic pentameter. This five stress line of verse is essentially the length of the average sentence written in the English language and can be said in one breath. Churchill had to inspire a nation under attack, and he accomplished this in ways that will be remembered forever.

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FOCUS: A nourishing rain of books for Charleston County

By Patty Bennett-Uffelman | A recent article about urban “book deserts” in the New York Daily News highlighted a universal challenge for low-income families with young children: limited access to books.

The article focused on urban areas where concentrations of poverty and changes in technology have led to the closure of book stores, but in Charleston, some of our driest book deserts are rural areas, where families may live miles and miles from the closest book store or library.

According to authors Naomi Moland and Susan Neuman, “Book deserts are particularly detrimental for young children. Babies and toddlers (who do not yet have access to books in schools) need to be surrounded by books to develop preliteracy skills. …

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FOCUS: Making Emanuels out of us all

FOCUS: Making Emanuels out of us all

By Marjorie Wentworth, contributing editor | The relatives and friends of the nine people murdered on June 17, 2015, are facing a second New Year’s without their loved ones.

The strength and dignity the bereaved have displayed during the killer’s trial is an extension of the goodness of those who died at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church. And we all must keep telling their stories — to remind us of who they were and all that we could be.

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FANNING: The power of minding your own business

By Ben Fanning, contributing editor | I heard someone say, “It’s probably something tantric,” as I walked with my family into a tightly-packed pizza restaurant in San Francisco.

There was a couple sitting right next to us involved in a kiss that was so long I was concerned they might suffocate. The longer the kiss went on, the more people around the restaurant stared. Minutes passed and tension built. Is this even sanitary?

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FOCUS: Charleston artisans celebrate Smithsonian’s newest museum

FOCUS: Charleston artisans celebrate Smithsonian’s newest museum

By Janie Manning, special to Charleston Currents | Local sweetgrass basket artist Tonya White of Mount Pleasant joins local jewelry designers in celebrating the opening of the National Museum African American History and Culture. After six years, they were extended an offer to share jewelry collections with the Smithsonian’s newest museum gift store and provide actual sweetgrass basket displays created by Tonya and her Charleston family.

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FOCUS:  Win a boat and have fun at a great party on Saturday

FOCUS: Win a boat and have fun at a great party on Saturday

Staff reports | It’s only a few days until one of the most unique and fun parties of the year – the Rotary Club of Charleston’s annual Light Up the Night Parade Party. It will be held Saturday, Dec. 10, at the Charleston Maritime Center where festive attendees have a front row view for the 2016 Charleston Parade of Boats.

In fact, the party is a two-fer. Not only can you enjoy great food and drinks with hundreds of holiday-goers for an affordable price, but you can buy a chance to win a brand new 18-foot Commander Sea Fox boat being raffled by the club. Cost? $100 per ticket (and tickets are limited!)

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