About us

CharlestonCurrents.com is a weekly online publication that offers insightful community comment and good news on events, accolades and accomplishments.

15_logo_425x75The online publication, edited and published by seasoned Charleston journalist Andy Brack, includes several fresh features to connect readers better with what’s happening in the Charleston area. Among them:

  • TODAY’S FOCUS: Each week, we offer a community commentary by a key leader on a subject of interest throughout Charleston. For example, during election time, there might be a column by a noted local political observer. Or at the approach of the spring gardening season, CharlestonCurrents.com may provide an expert’s advice on how to get ready for planting.

  • GOOD NEWS: Our staff sorts through the jumble of information from arts groups, area attractions, government agencies and nonprofit organizations to distill the most important and interesting bits of news that are underreported in traditional media.

  • REVIEWS: CharlestonCurrents.com frequently publishes reader reviews of neat books, area restaurants, performances and more to help all readers keep ahead of what’s happening in the Charleston area.

  • SPECIAL SECTIONS. We have lots of routine contributors that make the publication interesting:

    • MONEY.  Contributor Kyra Morris offers a monthly look at money and finances.

    • SC AT WAR:  Historian Doug Bostick provides a monthly look at what was happening 150 years ago during the Civil War.

    • PLUFF MUD KIDS:  Blogger Leigh Sabine offers a monthly column with great things for kids to do around the Lowcountry.

    • SENIORS:  Attorney Catherine LaFond and geriatric specialist Mary Ross McQuage offer advice to families and seniors every month.

    • GREAT PHOTOS:  Photographer Michael Kaynard blesses the publication with great photos taken throughout the Lowcountry.

    • COMMENTARY: Publisher Andy Brack provide weekly commentaries on issues of community importance.

“There’s too much information clutter in today’s society. CharlestonCurrents.com will cut through the clutter and provide thoughtful commentary from community leaders as well as news briefs and information that are hard to find in traditional media.”

— Editor and publisher Andy Brack

About Andy Brack, editor and publisher

Brack, a former political reporter and U.S. Senate press secretary, offers weekly commentary in a syndicated newspaper column and through Statehouse Report, a policy and political forecast of what’s going to happen at the Statehouse. He also publishes a daily online news clipping service called SC Clips.com.

Brack holds a master’s degree in journalism from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a bachelor’s degree from Duke University. A past president of the S.C. Wildlife Federation and the Rotary Club of Charleston, he is chair and president of the Center for a Better South, a pragmatic regional think tank. He also is a trustee on the Charleston County Library Board.  Brack and his family live in West Ashley.