FEEDBACK: New woodworking group starting in West Ashley

To the editor:

My interest in woodworking was purely defensive. I knew my wife would be retiring within the year and I needed a hobby.  When I was turning 65, I asked for a chop saw for my birthday. What I really wanted was a miter saw but didn’t know enough about tools to ask for the right tool.

Now it’s been a year and a half or so and I have reached my limit of incompetence. I don’t like reading text or watching YouTube to learn new techniques. I need to be shown how to do things.

I thought it would be a good idea to start a resource group of sorts. I am not a fan of a meetings so there will not be a lot scheduled. My vision for the group is basically people helping each other with various projects and learning from each other.

My situation brought about the idea for the group.  I need help.  How do I get it?  I recently bought some used equipment and I need help setting it up and some direction in proper use.  I also want to learn better techniques using my current equipment. I want to learn joinery better. I want help building various jigs to taper table legs. I would also like to fashion my own metal table legs.  There are people out there that would be glad to help someone who has an interest in these areas.  I just needed a way to get these people communicating with each other.

I am inviting anyone 18 or over to join.  We need members of all skill levels.  Initially I will act as a gatekeeper and collect a baseline of information from each member. The information will not be shared without their consent.  The info I gather from people is:

  • In which area of Charleston are you living,
  • What power tools you own,
  • What specialty tools do you own,
  • What skills would you like to learn (not limited to woodworking) and
  • What skills could you show to someone else

— Michael Kaynard, West Ashley

HOW TO JOIN:   Meetings are scheduled for Jan. 25 and 27, but you must first contact Kaynard by email at:   A Facebook group is located here.

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  1. This meet up seems really awesome. If you guys need any woodworking plans you should definitely check out this collection of 16,000 woodworking plans:

  2. Hey, y’all, there is a woodworking (and turning and finishing and carving, etc.) group called the Charleston Wood Guild that Michael may be interested in checking out. It’s been meeting for just over a year and is very informal at this point but if he’s looking to get hooked up with other woodworkers (and turners and finishers and carvers, etc.) I’d highly recommend he look into it. There’s a page on Facebook and we meet at the Charleston Woodworking School at 1040 Gardner Rd in West Ashley (near Sam Ritt and Ashley River) once a month. Usually there’s some kind of demo, either of a particular process or skill (like carving or turning) or of a particular type or brand of tool/material.