PHOTO ESSAY:  Downtown Los Angeles

The Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles is shiny, curvy and a sight to behold.

A recent trip to downtown Los Angeles found a thriving, multi-cultural city filled with a lot of things to see and do, from great museums to a lively Grand Central Market.  We thought you’d enjoy this photographic drive-by from editor and publisher Andy Brack.

The outside of the Broad Museum is layered with a crazy beehive shell that allows lots of filtered, natural light into the building.

An Andy Warhol piece featuring Elvis Presley.

Artist Robert Therrian’s “Under the Table” (1994) was so big that one could walk under it. It gave viewers a different sense of perspective.

The city’s Central Library flanked by tall office buildings.

People flocked to the Grand Central Market.

Fresh fruits, vegetables and other edibles lined the market and its dining stands.

People had lots of varieties of oysters they could enjoy.

People waited in some long lines to get some of the tasty local cuisine.

The first and last of what many LA visitors see — the space-age terminal structure.


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