FEEDBACK:  On how things were and “barbaric” gun solution

Remembering how things were

To the editor:

My family urged me to write my memoirs especially to find out how things were. My father was born in 1900.

I was born in 1936 and can remember WW II.

Your article was right on.  Keep up the good work, Andy. Those who come after us need to know how it was.

— Bryan Harrison, Charleston, S.C.

Graphic solution related to guns

To the editor:

I hate to propose a barbaric response to this [gun] issue, but nothing will galvanize the public to demand more stringent controls on assault weapons and comprehensive background checks than for the media to start showing the dead in living color.

Imagine if the victims of the Sandy Hook massacre had been spread in living color across the front page of The New York Times and other media. The public would have been traumatized into action that the NRA could not have stopped and we would have had controls in place years ago.

I know it sounds barbaric and would be horrible to the victims’ families but I can think of nothing else to get much-needed action on this issue.

— P.C. Coker, Charleston, S.C.


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