FEEDBACK:    On roads and “Summertime”

Let’s clean up our roads

To the editor:

I have just read “Let’s clean up our state and become litter-free” and just at the right time.

Recently, my wife and I have adopted James Road in Powdersville. It’s one and a half miles long and we spent two hours one week and two hours the next to complete the cleanup of the road. We collected eight bags of trash, mostly consisting of bottles, cans and fast food trash. In less than 24 hours, trash was again accumulating. Taking note again, it was Bud Light cans, McDonald’s and Chick-fil-A trash. I am frustrated but believe something needs to be done.

I believe the State of South Carolina has to consider a bottle bill and an increased tax on fast food. All proceeds of unreturned bottles and fast food tax should go to road clean-up with county and local roads as the main focus of clean-up. Just as not everyone has children in school but still is taxed to provide an educated society for our future, not everyone litters but we need to do something to provide a clean planet for our future.

— Frank Scalise, Powdersville, S.C. 

On Porgy and Bess and DuBose Heyward’s “Summertime”

To the editor:

Fabulous play and best song ever.

Right in line with all Willie Nelson’s work.

How’s that for a stretch of interests?

— Joe Mendelsohn, Charleston, S.C.

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