REVIEW: Central Intelligence

A movie starring Kevin Hart and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson; released in 2016; rated PG-13

In Central Intelligence, Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson have managed to bring together an action movie that combines both suspense and humor. Johnson’s character “Bob,” is a former bullied nerd who turns into a CIA agent, and recruits his former high school classmate, now an accountant Calvin, (Kevin Hart) to help him in a secret government mission.

The twist comes when other CIA agents accuse Bob of selling government secrets on the black market, but Bob assures Calvin that he is innocent. Calvin must trust his own judgement to decide if he is actually hurting or helping America. The back and forth between Bob, Calvin and the CIA agents will keep you laughing and wondering what will happen next.

— Morgan Finley, Main Library, Charleston, S.C.

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