MYSTERY: Mother lode of bunnies

With Easter just around the corner, these 14 bunnies obviously are getting ready for the holiday, but where are they convening?  Reader Deborah Getter of John’s Island sent in this photo stumper.  About the only hint we’ll give you is they’re not convened near the Lowcountry.  Send your best guess to: — and make sure to include the name of the town in which you live.

Last week’s picture got a lot of responses.  Most people figured out it was an eye, but we got guesses from its owner being a turtle, alligator or rattlesnake.

The winning eye was … an alligator, snapped recently at Magnolia Garden and Plantation by contributing photographer Michael Kaynard.  Hats off to Woody Arsenault of Ladson; Nicolle Davies and Chris Brooks, both of Mount Pleasant; Joe Mendelsohn and Byron White, both  of Charleston; and George Graf of Palmyra, Va.   Congrats all!

Best guess was from a Columbia resident (who will not be named) who offered, “I think it is a part of a turtle or Mark Sanford’s ass.”


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