FEEDBACK: On the right way to do business

To the editor:

I didn’t grow up using tools, power or otherwise, and took up woodworking as my retirement hobby.  As I got braver, I bought bigger and more dangerous pieces of equipment.  One day as I was scanning Craigslist for tools, I saw a Ridgid 4510 heavy duty portable table saw.  I bought it.   I knew nothing about it and after using it found out I had a lot to learn.  They are dangerous and sometimes boards can kick back at you.  There is an anti-kickback pawl that the previous owner had removed.  Duh.. How would I know?

Anyway, I ordered a blade guard and the anti-kickback pawl. When they arrived, I realized I needed another part.  It was discontinued.  I could not find it anywhere.  I contacted Ridgid and they sent a note to their safety engineering division in Anderson no less.

To make a long story short, I spoke with an engineer and they are shipping me a new R4513 table saw to replace the one I have.  Now that is a real warranty.  That is also a way to build great loyalty.  So if you buy their power tools , register it. It is free. You won’t regret it.

This just goes to show you that there are still a few quality companies out there that stand by their products and don’t want anyone hurt by their products.  This is truly the right way to do business.  Finally, there’s something positive to write about.

— Michael Kaynard, Charleston, S.C.

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