FEEDBACK: Thanks for the reminder

To the editor:

00_icon_feedbackThanks for reminding us of McMaster’s position from his 2010 race for Governor.  You referenced his statement that “the governor’s race is not about individuals but about this state.”  It is incumbent that every person elected to public office adopt this priority.   To your another point, which is crucial to our state, “he urged long-term thinking and development of a unified, strategic plan for South Carolina”.

We are profoundly in need of such a plan and, if put forth, would be reminiscent of the  leadership success of the late governor, Carroll Campbell (1987-1995). I would hope and encourage Henry McMaster to maintain focus on his previous campaign statements.

Without a strategic plan with a priority for a skilled workforce and other essentials that cultivate a healthy economic climate, the enormous success in the past six years of attracting advanced manufacturing and related businesses to South Carolina cannot be sustained.

— S.C. Rep. Dwight Loftis, R-Greenville

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