FANNING: The power of minding your own business


By Ben Fanning, contributing editor  |  I heard someone say, “It’s probably something tantric,”  as I walked with my family into a tightly-packed pizza restaurant in San Francisco.



There was a couple sitting right next to us involved in a kiss that was so long I was concerned they might suffocate.  The longer the kiss went on, the more people around the restaurant stared.  Minutes passed and tension built.  Is this even sanitary?

The remarkable thing, though, was as soon as their make-out session ended, they slowly got up, smiled and left. They did not eat their pizza.

Minding your own business is good advice

Everyone was so focused on the kissing couple (me included) that we forgot to enjoy the hot delicious pizza and company at our own tables.

A mentor offered me the sage advice, “When you’re minding the business of others, who is minding yours?”

Executing on this powerful advice frees up your mental capacity and channels your personal energy in a positive, productive way.

The reality is that you and I have limited energy every day, particularly during the holidays.  If you squander it focusing on the business of others, you’ll have less for your own business, family and other holiday events.

Notice this holiday season when your thoughts or conversations might start to drift to other people’s business. Then make an effort to redirect those thoughts or conversations.

Notice how empowering and positive this shift can be.


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